Since 1996, the BABBLE Homebrewers Club of Lake County has brought homebrewing enthusiasts across the region together to share their knowledge and passion for brewing. BABBLE members come from a wide range of skill levels, including extract, all-grain, HERMS, RIMS, and professional brewers. In addition to beer, members also produce meads, ciders, and the occasional bottle of wine as part of their brewing activities.

Our May 28th meeting: at Grow Masters in Gurnee, we had a wide range of homebrew to sample. Including an English IPA, Spiced Wheat, French Saison, Belgian Tripel, two SMASH beers to compare, a Pale Ale, and Munich Dunkel Lager (and some more that I missed). We held Round Three of our Iron Brewer competition, and we learned a lot and enjoyed a fantastic variety of meads during and after a talk by Mead specialist Pat Duby.

BABBLE meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month (2nd Thursday of the month in Nov. and Dec.) at 7:30PM

The June meeting will be at The Craft Beer store at 131 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville. 

Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 25th at 7:30.

Meetings are often held at Whirleyball, 285 Center Drive in Vernon Hills, but follow this page as we do move the meeting place around from time to time. 

Feel free to stop by, introduce yourself, and check out what the club has to offer.

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